Creating Ornate Tiles Material in Substance Designer

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Creating Ornate Tiles Material in Substance Designer is a video tutorial.

There are two versions to choose from. The first option one will have only the tutorial videos. The second options will include the tutorial videos as well as the Substance source file. You can choose on the right above the price input.

In this tutorial we will go over on how to create these ornate tiles from start to finish. Once you have completed this tutorial you should have an understanding of how to create ornate tiles and use the procedural shape methods to create other materials to.

What we will go over are topics such as:

  • 6 HD videos with over 3 hours worth of content.
  • Information PDF

Video and Source Files version:

This tutorial assumes you have some basic knowledge of Substance Designer already. 

Remember to choose from either one of the different versions. The videos only version or the videos and source file version. 

For updates on future tutorials or more follow any of the following:

Licence Information:

You are permitted to:

  • Use the texture for commercial and personal projects
  • The source material may be used for media such as video games, VR or similar.

You are not permitted to:

  • Re-sell or distribute the source files or texture by themselves, in a texture pack, shader pack or similar.
  • Re-create the texture one-to-one and sell it via any of the named above.
  • To download the files and videos and upload them to re-sell.

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Creating Ornate Tiles Material in Substance Designer

6 ratings
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